A girl who can't be the only one wanting her musings answered.

Hello Ladies, Gentleman, furry friends and the rest! 

My name is Laura-Mae and I study Journalism at Newcastle. I know what you're thinking, she must be nosey, pushy and rather irritating. You're probably not wrong. Yet I wanted to create a website that enabled myself and others to express the out-there, sarcastic and cynical mundane thoughts they experience everyday. Whether those are directed at people or the terrifying realisation that you have to grow up. 


Often people feel as though they are the most miserable people out there, often in my case. I am guilty myself of researching how I should be feeling as though my human characteristics needed to be medicated instead discussed.

Therefore, on this blog I reveal real honest moods experiences I have recently undergone and hope everyone can relate on some level!

I would be delighted to hear about your own crazy musings no matter how bad you think they are! So Let me know!

Got Something you want to get out?

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