Expectations before University

So like many, I begin university next weekend. As I’ve mentioned on previous blog posts I took a gap year, meaning I am a year older than the average fresher. Like many as well, I have heard a lot of rumors and opinions on what I should expect before I have even arrived!

Whether those opinions are on freshers week, money, housing, alcohol, your course or your flat mates, these expectations can put a lot of pressure on you. In my opinion, I believe this pressure derives from the nerves everyone experiences going into a new environment, as you are in a way entering the unknown. While you May believe you know a lot about university before you arrive from other people stories, bare in mind these are just that indeed; ’other‘ people’s stories. Not your own.

I read a post on my universities student Facebook chat, where people post funny tales, opinions and their woes. This post however actually stood out immensely. It went as follows:

’Biggest advice for freshers? Think for your f**cking self’...’don’t let someone else’s opinion of what university should be influence you experience. This time is for you’

This advice resonated with me incredibly. I have been worried that people would think I was boring if I didn’t want to go out one night in freshers or they’d think I was a nerd for wanting to cook a healthy meal most nights and go to the gym in the morning. I was worried that people wouldn’t understand if I had to get up at 4am to go to photoshoot or casting.

But having read this, I don’t feel as insecure about being myself.

I really want to hear about any thoughts or worries you have about starting university or a new career etc

Laura x

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