Motivation: the comfort zone mousetrap.

Hello to those reading, I was recently emailed asking to cover the topic of 'motivation', which is a word many people have a love/hate relationship with. It's described as 'a force behind the motives', whether that be to the fridge, the gym or pursuing a career. (I am currently writing sat in my car before a spin class!)

I think I tell myself to feel motivated at least twice everyday and the first one is always directed at getting out of bed in the morning, as I know for a fact most of the world relates to. The second time can happen at any given moment, sometimes to write or edit a post, to go to my spin class and even to wash my hair. Many aspects of my life correlate to this feeling daily and sometimes I don't even know those reasons. As a reader mentioned to me, the motivation to take a risk or big leap in life can be a difficult one to contend with. The fear of the unknown alongside the safety of your comfort zone make it wonderfully easy to fall into a habit of accepting your present circumstances. This can refer to a job position that you're thinking of applying to, a party you're nervous to attend or a workout you've never attempted before. Motivation can mean more than simply 'being bothered', I actually believe it is a commonly used umbrella term of 'stepping out on your own' and your comfortable little bubble.

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I have found it hard in the past to follow my own goals and pursue what i really want, due to going against the tide and standing up for who I want to be. Determination to change that outlook came from my experiences of being put dow and being tired of following the crowd I no longer wanted to follow. I thought of it like this; in 5 years are these people's opinions going to matter to me? My motivation came from the critics I dealt with, I used it as ammunition and drive towards what I wanted. While I continually second guess myself, the ambition to prove those people wrong and make something of myself is still slowly but surely growing, and this blog is a prime example of that. Nobody is going to motivate you other than yourself and finding the motivation not to care what others think is vital no matter how hard the journey will be, or how far out of your comfort zone you'll have to go.

Don't get me wrong, having unmotivated days is not a bad thing, everyone has them. Sometimes you need them and actually feel rejuvenated and refreshed and you can't let yourself feel guilty for having those days (or weeks). As long as you don't let yourself fall into that comfort zone mousetrap, you should allow yourself some time to press the reset button. The mousetrap can be dangerous and I've witnessed people not go after what they want simply because "I've never done it before", "people would think I'm so weird or they'll "do it one day".

If it's your aim to achieve your body goal, your dream career or bloody wash you're hair, then only you can do it and don't let anybody try to trap you in the comfort zone.

Highly recommend reading books by the author Sarah Knight - extremely helpful.

Keep emailing with suggestions!

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