The first few weeks of university

Its been a while. For the last three weeks I've had a constant urge to write something, partly driven by the idea that I haven't been keeping up to date with my website as a few of you have rightly reminded me. The last time I wrote I was debating what I should expect at university, how I was going with the mindset of "thinking for my f**cking self" which I'm pleased to inform you, has mostly been successful. Alongside starting university and the pressures that this entails, I've had exciting new developments in my modelling career. All in all, it's been a pretty hectic six weeks. But I'm back.

So university. In many aspects it has surprised me in so many ways, and to be honest these surprises mostly have been positive. Like the majority, I went with a check list of things that I wanted to fulfil and most of these have exceeded my expectations; I joined the university radio show and now host a slot every Tuesday alongside my lovely newly found friends (and yes I expect you all to tune in)! I have thrown myself into my course, completed my first assignments and so far received grades that I'm really proud of and actually maintained my health and fitness. In this sense, I've definitely thought 'for my f**cking self'.

There have most definitely been a few lows however. Luckily I am the last person to get homesick, whether this is down to school or travelling, I know my parents are going to be there if I need them. No, the lows have been having to accept that not everyone lives or does things like you. From a lot of my friends, this is a recurring issue they face, acceptance. While there is mostly certainly a boundary, the notion of teachers, dorm patrons or parents not being around to monitor everyone means living with people you don't know yet can be difficult at first. Understanding and adjusting is something that everyone needs to be willing to do, a characteristic I can sometimes find difficult to uphold. Compromise can be hard to understand if you've never truly been held accountable for yourself and others and I am trying to learn how to calmly walk away on occasion.

I am planning on doing a weekly update on how I'm finding this process and sharing some tips and advice that I discover and help me not show my inner 45 year old side!

On another note, I will also be documenting my life a little more, showing you my regular trips to the capital and how I'm managing my time.

But for's amazing to be back. Thanks for being patient.

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